Communicating the industrial evolution

Crompion International

American Utility Metals was a Baton Rouge-based commodity supplier of one grade of stainless steel and found themselves mired in price wars with other commodity steel suppliers. As part of their evolution to offering more niche metals and the metallurgical expertise on applying these products, Bond saw the opportunity to rebrand the company as Crompion International and position them as a solutions provider as opposed to commodity supplier.

Client Goal

In 2011, American Utility Metals engaged Bond Public Relations & Brand Strategy in a project to rebrand their company and market this new brand to specific industry sectors. Formerly a supplier of one grade of Cromgard specialty stainless steel, AUM had organically grown over the years into offering additional grades of Cromgard, fabricated products, as well as consulting and metallurgical services to clients around the globe. AUM wanted to leverage this evolution as an opportunity to rebrand as Crompion International and reintroduce a rejuvenated, next-generation company to its target industries and customers.

Campaign Approach

Capitalizing on the company’s growth in offering consulting services and metallurgical application expertise, Bond saw an opportunity to transform their brand from a “supplier of a commodity steel” to a “premium solutions provider,” a move which would allow the company to break away from pricing battles with competitors. This premiumization of the brand platform was reinforced by a new name Crompion International, a new visual identity, and a complete overhaul of all sales materials and digital assets. Armed with a new brand philosophy, Bond set out to market Crompion International to 10 target industries around the globe, using a variety of tactics such as: Advertising, Community Relations, Internal/External Communications, Media Relations, Strategic Partnerships, and Trade Show Participation. Bond aimed to communicate the advantages of replacing traditional metals with Cromgard while also positioning Crompion International executives as thought leaders within their target industries.

Results & Impact

On November 1, 2012, Bond officially retired American Utility Metals’ legacy brand, fully transforming the company into Crompion International. The rejuvenated brand identity and philosophy were well received by customers, suppliers, vendors and partners and created the opportunity for Crompion International to not only deepen existing client relationships but also develop new ones. As a result of Bond's brand strategy and marketing efforts to support an expanded international sales team, Crompion International experienced the largest sales numbers and backlog of orders in company history.