Bond gets creative to market Grand Isle Restaurant in the midst of the 2011 recession

Grand Isle

After launching the restaurant successfully in June 2007 in post-Katrina New Orleans, Grand Isle experienced a decline in business during the recession. Thus, Bond reengaged in 2011 to drive sales and to tap into local and tourist-based markets. Together with our marketing partner, Valence, we focused on Grand Isle-hosted events, social media, traditional media relations and exposure of the restaurant’s Executive Chef Mark Falgoust.

Client Goal

Grand Isle restaurant launched in June 2007 in post-Katrina New Orleans. A throwback to the old resort town of Grand Isle, Louisiana, the restaurant features fresh Gulf seafood, raw oysters, home-style Louisiana dishes, and iced cold beer.

The restaurant launched successfully, but saw a hit during the recession, while also cutting back on its marketing budget. As convention center business increased, so did the opportunity to reengage Bond in fall 2011.

Our primary business goal was to increase sales and drive patrons to the restaurant by raising awareness through our public relations efforts among our target audiences, including local, regional, and national media and tourists.

Campaign Approach

In collaboration with Grand Isle and marketing partner, Valence, we developed and executed an integrated marketing campaign comprised of media relations, community relations, interactive marketing, advertising and special events.

More specifically, we conducted aggressive media outreach to generate stories not only about Grand Isle, but also focusing on Executive Chef Mark Falgoust to help raise his profile. Additionally, we identified and developed opportunities at events throughout the New Orleans community to promote the restaurant, as well as garnered exposure for Grand Isle-hosted events. To further extend Grand Isle’s reach to our target audiences, traditional advertising methods and social media were incorporated into the campaign.

Results & Impact

During the course of the campaign (September 2011 – September 2012), Grand Isle saw a 20 percent increase in sales across the board. The restaurant set a sales record for the month of September 2012, seeing an increase in sales by 35 percent compared to same time previous year.

Grand Isle saw a significant boost on its social media platforms with fan and follower bases doubling during the campaign and an average increase of 120 percent in user engagement. E-blast open rates and click-throughs averaged 18 percent, approximately 6 percent higher over the course of the campaign.

In 2013, we have maintained a robust public relations and marketing campaign for the restaurant and Grand Isle continues to see double digit percentage sale increases.