Answering the Call Through Earned Media


LiveAnswer is a 24/7/365 live agent service for a fraction of the cost of answering your own business calls.

Client Goal

This phone support solution sprouted from the realization that businesses were losing potential sales and customers simply because they didn't have the phone support they needed. Resources can only stretch so far, yet there wasn't a phone support option available that was easy, effective and affordable that catered to specific needs. Until LiveAnswer was born.

Bond Moroch's mission was to execute a campaign designed to secure earned media coverage of the LiveAnswer technology platform.

Campaign Approach

LiveAnswer Founder and CEO Adam Boalt engaged Bond Public Relations in May 2014 after collaborating on a public relations campaign for a previous company he had a stake in, Dukky, which revolutionized the direct mail industry.

Our objective was secure coverage that would validate the LiveAnswer technology and elevate it to a level that would be attractive for those interested in an acquisition or licensing. Via media relations, we would convey LiveAnswer was a better way for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to answer their calls.

Our PR campaign consisted strictly of media relations utilizing LiveAnswer’s:

  • Technological Developments
  • Solutions for varying sizes of businesses from entrepreneurs and SMBs up to Fortune 500 Companies
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Speaking and entrepreneurial event engagements

Bond also utilized topical stories, statistics and studies on customer service and retention to insert LiveAnswer and Boalt into the conversation.

Results & Impact

Our robust media relations campaign proved successful in validating LiveAnswer to a range of small to SMBs in various verticals, including professional services, medical, legal, etc. Our campaign succeeded in increasing general awareness surrounding the product, including attention from various entities interested in acquiring and licensing the LiveAnswer platform.

Our results included coverage from national, trade, regional, tech and entrepreneurial sources, including Forbes, INC, Mashable, South Florida Business Journal, The Miami Herald, The Palm Beach Daily News, Tech.Co, Rise News, Destination CRM and Customer Magazine.

Highlights include: