Building Wells Fargo Advisors' Brand and Client Portfolio

Wells Fargo Advisors

Bond was retained by the Baton Rouge office of Wells Fargo Advisors, who wanted their managing director to engage with major media on issues facing high-net-worth investors.

Client Goal

Our campaign objectives included:

  • To create preference for the Wells Fargo Advisors brand in the Greater Baton Rouge Area
  • To position Jerry Goss, a Managing Director at the firm and head of the Baton Rouge office, as one of the nation’s premier financial advisors and wealth managers
  • To establish Mr. Goss as a value-added resource to local and national financial media

Campaign Approach

Quickly securing inclusion in “macro-focused” stories was the primary objective.

Our PR campaign consists of the following:

  • Brand marketing
  • Thought-leadership
  • Media relations

In the early summer of 2009 we began aggressively positioning Mr. Goss with local and national business media, particularly those focusing on the prospects of investors during the Great Recession.

Mr. Goss and his firm were focused on building their client portfolio, with the primary targets being older, risk-averse investors seeking security and stability in an uncertain financial market. With an outstanding track record spanning three decades, Mr. Goss' conservative investing approach was of tremendous appeal not only for investors, but for media seeking insights and clarity during an unpredictable and tumultuous chapter in U.S. history.

Results & Impact

To this end, within two months of commencement of the program, we had our client’s views featured in a Bloomberg BusinessWeek and we also secured inclusion in a feature story on

Stories were developed in close coordination with the compliance department of Wells Fargo Advisors.

Media results led to a meaningful increase in inquiries from qualified client prospects. The successful results of our campaign were dramatic:

  • Secured inclusion of Mr. Goss and his firm in a Bloomberg BusinessWeek cover story titled, “The Stock Market: Searching for True North
  • Secured inclusion of Mr. Goss and his firm in a CNNMoney feature story titled “The Market is Back to Normal. Now What?”
  • Saturated the local Baton Rouge media market with coverage secured in Greater Baton Rouge Business Report and morning show segment interviews on top television morning shows in Baton Rouge