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Top chefs pay homage to a Louisiana delicacy and raise money for charity

November 2, 2012


Fifty chefs from New Orleans and beyond pay homage to one of Louisiana’s favorite sausages for the second year of Boudin and Beer. Participating has become a necessary ingredient of a modern culinary career.

Fall kicks off the New Orleans fundraising season. From now until March, it seems like nearly every night without a New Orleans Saints game, Carnival parade or a national holiday will host a gala, ball or auction. At each one, including Boudin and Beer tonight, you’ll see chefs lined up behind tables draped in white.

Some chefs glad-hand with the poise of a politician. Others shuffle nervously, like kids shoved into a spotlight by overeager stage moms. But all of them, despite being saddled with equipment not much more sophisticated that a Cub Scout’s mess kit, turn out the kind of food that makes other cities envy our eats.

Boudin and Beer, now in its second year, is emerging as one of the grandest of the galas, at least for the kind of person who goes to these things and hovers all night around the food. And unlike at most fundraisers, you’ll fit in better wearing blue jeans than a black tie.

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