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Briefings: The Best Way to Start Your Morning

August 11, 2017

So much news, so little time. We've got our top picks on where you can get the days' headlines.

As PR professionals, we take in news constantly. With push notifications coming in through news apps, Twitter and Facebook updates, and streaming news videos during breaks, it seems like we’re always on top of breaking news. Get ready for the day with a morning briefing. Check out these different formats and see which best fits your morning routine.

Delivered to Your Inbox:

Have the news waiting for you as soon as you open your inbox:

  • New York Times Morning Briefing
    • Published at 6am EST on weekdays at 6am EST on Sundays, enjoy a roundup of top domestic and international news, business, health and human-interest stories, in brief paragraph format with links to longer reads.
  • Guardian Morning Briefings
    • The Guardian briefings are set apart by more detailed briefings and a long “Lunchtime Read.”


Get your news while getting ready or on your drive with these podcast briefings:

  • Up First
    • The 11 to 12 minute NPR podcast, hosted by Steve Inskeep, David Green and Rachel Martin, dives into discussion of the day’s issues.
  • The Daily
    • The 20 minute New York Times podcast, hosted by Michael Barbaro, takes the Morning Briefing into greater detail.


Take on the news on your own with these online briefings:

  • 10 Things
    • The Week’s 10 things you need to know today, arranged in paragraph form with links to longer articles, goes straight to the point.
  • Breakfast Briefing
    • PR Week’s Breakfast Briefing outlines the most important world news, while also touching on PR related topics.