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Turning On Off-Season

August 10, 2017

Off-season for your business? Here's how you can ramp up and keep customers engaged during slow periods.

It’s off-season in New Orleans: 90 degrees, midday showers and steamy afternoons. Every destination faces an off-season. Fortunately, the off-season allows for valuable preparation time for your small business.


Before off-season starts, populate your website with blog content to develop a reader base. Keep the blogs coming during the off-season! Blogs will increase the traction on your website and keep your company in the front of consumers’ minds. Links to the blogs can also be used for social media content.

A garden supply store struggles during the winter months. A tomato gardener checks the garden store’s weekly blog to read up on up keeping tips for his garden during the winter. When summer comes around, he knows he will trust the garden store’s expertise with his gardening needs.

Dive into customer reviews

Your customers will be reviewing your product or service during your peak season. Take advantage of the timely reviews to populate your website, include in email marketing and post on social media.

After visiting New Orleans during a particularly cool Mardi Gras, Flora begins reminiscing on her good times during the hot summer months. Flora goes to the homepages of the best restaurants she went to while visiting New Orleans and is filled with excitement to see the reviews of other customers who had the same great experience. Flora begins planning her trip for next year’s Mardi Gras.

Appeal to locals

There are many “cool” deals at New Orleans restaurants during the month of August. Many restaurants offer weekday specials to draw in local customers.

A couple frequents their uptown haunts every Wednesday for date night. When a special is advertised on a downtown restaurant’s social media for Wednesday nights, they try out the new restaurant.

Explore a niche market

Fewer costumers means less selling. Take the time to explore the idea of taking your business into a niche market.

A local bakery typically does only traditional baking—cakes, cookies, and brownies. However, in its off season, it tries out making gluten free, sugar free and vegan baked goods. The products are a hit among locals.


Creating a partnership with a company that doesn’t have a set season can give your company the same year round appeal.

A seafood restaurant partners with a local children’s hospital. The seafood restaurant offers week night specials during its off season where 15% of all proceeds benefit the worthy cause. Supporters of the cause head to the restaurant.

Boost the quality of your social content

Introduce your followers with new ideas for your product by posting engaging videos on social media.

During winter time, the ice cream parlor posts how-to videos for warm desserts that can be topped with ice cream. In the caption section, the post asks followers to give their favorite warm dessert to top with ice cream. The comments spark engagement among the followers.

Send Tips

Make your off-season emails valuable to your customers. Send out useful information that they’ll want to read.

A patio bar sends recipes for warm cocktails to its emailing list during the colder months. The bar will be called to mind when outside drinking season rolls around.

How do you make your off-season profitable?

Fallon Chiasson is an intern at Bond Moroch.