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Weekend Roundup [August 7, 2017]

August 7, 2017

We've got all the news you missed this weekend in one convenient place. #BondRoundup

1.This summer is rainier than most. Know what to do if your house or car floods. []

2.North Korea has been punished with new sanctions, but will Kim Jong-un follow? [The New York Times]

3.Trump faces opposition on his plan to increase coal production. [Newsweek]

4.Chicago sues the United States government over immigration policies. [NPR]

5.Understanding the Venezuelan crisis. [BBC]

6.The hunt continues for missing Marines. [Huffington Post]

7.What’s the ethical concerns behind the Wisconsin tech company implanting its employees? [ABC News]

8.The psychological impact smartphones are having on iGen. [The Atlantic]

9.At Rainbow Day Camp, campers can find a safe space. [The Associated Press]

10.With school looming ahead, get back into your routine by falling asleep faster. []