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2018 Mardi Gras Throws Worth The Dive

January 26, 2018

For some parade goers, Mardi Gras is a chance to score the best memorabilia the Krewes have to offer.

To secure the special catchables of each parade, keep your eye on the prize, flash a smile and reference this list of best throws this carnival season.

1. Shrimp Boots - Krewe of Carrollton - February 4

The historic Krewe of Carrollton pays tribute to Louisiana culture with their hand crafted shrimp boots. Similar to rain boots, these treasures are embellished with local restaurants logos, Who Dat hommage and festive colors. Catching a shrimp boot has been a long standing tradition with the Krewe of Carrollton for 93 years. Bring home your very own shrimp boot between 12pm-1pm in the Uptown area of New Orleans.

2. Zulu Coconut - Zulu - February 13

Arguably the most coveted throw of Mardi Gras, the Zulu coconut can be caught in the early morning hours of Fat Tuesday. Hand-dipped in gold, painted black and dusted with glitter, a zulu coconut is a storytelling piece of New Orleans history. The fruity keepsakes represents the honorable ZULU warriors and the Mardi Gras institution. You can score your own ZULU coconut between 8am-10am in the Uptown area of New Orleans.

3. Muses Shoe - Muses - February 8

For 17 consecutive years, the Krewe of Muses, composed entirely of women, has passed out festive and eclectic handmade shoes for a few lucky recipients. Catching a Muses shoes is a right of passage for any Mardi Gras goer. The sparkling prizes are crafted in a party-like fashion weeks in advance. High-heeled stilettos are dispersed throughout the Uptown parade route between 6:30pm - 8:30pm.

4. New Orleans Music Legend Coins - Orpheus - February 9

Doubloons have carried a long New Orleans history since the first carnival season. The Krewe of Orpheus updates the timeless piece into giant, minted coins featuring music legends of New Orleans past and present. Last year, the parade featured Frank ‘Sea Cruise’ Ford doubloons, honoring the rhythm and blues singer. These collector items can be found in Mandeville between 7pm - 9pm.

5. Toilet Paper & Plungers - Krewe of Tucks - February 10

The daytime parade has a reputation of a rag-tag group, with bathroom-themed throws to prove it. Amongst the beads and plastic cups are Tucks printed toilet paper, bedazzled toilet plungers and beaded toilets. Past kings include comedians Eugene Levy and John Candy. You can stock up on your own bathroom supplies between Noon - 2pm in the Uptown area of New Orleans.

Photo Credit: "Mardi Gras" by Miguel Discart, licensed under CC 2.0