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A Brand Activation Miami Showdown

March 31, 2017

Takeaways from various brand activations seen at the Miami Open.

While it’s not as big or well-known as some of the Grand Slam tournaments such as the US Open or Wimbledon, the Miami Open in Key Biscayne, Florida still manages to bring out some of tennis’s best. This year alone saw Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Venus Williams all competing in the stadium for a shot at the title. However, beyond the courts there was a different sort of competition happening. Brands such as Lacoste, Grey Goose, and Bacardí were all on site with various brand activations, all jockeying for the attention of the thousands of attendees. Below are some of my takeaways from the different activations at the event, as well as some light recommendations for next year:


As a sponsor of the Open, Lacoste had multiple activation sites across the stadium, including a flagship pop-up store. With exclusive branded clothes that were made especially for the Open, in addition to special edition athletic and tennis gear, Lacoste did a fantastic job presenting not only their brand to the public but also providing potential customers with an enticing incentive with the exclusive merchandise. On top of that, Lacoste also brought a wide selection of the classic polo shirts in three different styles, and provided the option of free monogramming along with them, which was another smart offering. While the overall activation could have been spiced up with a little more décor, overall the branded merchandise (along with some fan favorite classics) made the Lacoste on site activation a must visit.


While Bacardí’s main activation on site wasn’t very notable, their secondary spaces offered a unique and fresh take on the “beach shack” bar concept. Sporting wooden designs that literally looked like it was made out of planks of wood, these secondary activations offered Open attendees specialty cocktails that were mildly themed around the event’s location. Offerings included the “Barcardí Mango Mojito” or the “Bacardí Cuba Libre,” as well as a selection of premium cocktails. While the theming at these secondary activations was overall solid, a little more effort into bringing the same feel to the main activation space, or a little more effort to tie in the cocktails to the event would have made the Bacardí space even more of a breeze.

Grey Goose

Out of all three of the branded activations I’ve mentioned, Grey Goose was the only one that managed to successfully engage with its patrons, thanks to a cohesive theme throughout the main space and the secondary spaces, as well as interesting drink and merchandise offerings. This cohesion on the part of Grey Goose made for a fully immersive experience, from ordering the specialty themed drinks such as the “Le Grand Fizz” that came in a collectible cup to the themed photo booth inside the main activation space. As a result of Grey Goose’s efforts, patrons visiting the activation were visibly more engaged and tended to spend more time at the activation compared to others. Hanging out at the Grey Goose activation space was exactly as the brand intended: easy, breezy, fun, and immersive. Other brands contemplating activation spaces should take note.  

Jack Nester is a Social Media Coordinator at Bond Moroch.