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A Cup of Joe and the Morning News

March 29, 2018

The easiest ways to get your morning news fix if you’ve cut the cable cord.

Does anyone still watch cable news as you get ready for work in the morning? Maybe I am a true millennial, but I cut ties with a cable service when I left for college in 2008. I have two TVs in my condo, only one is hooked up to antenna bunny ears so that I can watch local channels here in New Orleans.

So, how do I make sure I am staying well-informed if I can’t catch the morning news? Staying well-informed may be an important part of any industry, but especially marketing when we have to ensure we’re creating thoughtful messaging or find media opportunities for clients in so many different industries. The answer is simple: short, succinct news summaries sent right to my phone.

For better or for worse, the first and last thing you pick up in a day is your phone, so it’s the obvious choice to conveniently get the news. Here are a few tools to consider for your morning briefing:


The Skimm

Probably my favoite, The Skimm is a weekday e-newsletter send to my email by 5:30 AM every morning. It condenses the most important current news into pithy, sassy summaries. It links to reputable outside news sources in case you want to read about the news item in more detail. The branding is geared towards females, but it’s just as informative for males.

Want to sign up? Use my referrel link:

If I get 10, The Skimm might give me something cool!


Simialar to The Skimm, Need2Know is a weekday morning e-newsletter that breaks down the most important news. It’s not only breaking news, but also a mix of sports, business, pop culture, politics, and viral media news.

Daily Beast: Cheat Sheet

Sent your inbox twice a day, The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet is the best way to stay informed throughout the day. The Cheat Sheet includes top news from top news sources. including Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, and the Associated Press.


Patrick LaForge’s Twitter List

Twitter is still my favorite place to follow writers and news outlets for immediate and breaking news. New York Times editor Patrick LaForge has a great list for breaking news. One of his Twitter lists is the BreakingNews list with 66 top news sources from around the world. The list includes Al Jazeera America, Reuters, NPR, Financial Times, MSNBC, and Newsweek.


The Skimm

The Skimm also has an app, and it’s worth the monthly fee to download. It not only integrates “important” dates on my calendar (e.g. pop culture items like the Emmy’s, NFL Superbowl), but events like election days and holidays.

AP Mobile

The Associated Press covers news from across the globe. The app is without the playful features, but is straightforward and a useful resource.

Appy Geek

If the name doesn’t give it away, this is a news app for high-tech geeks. Appy Geek offers tech-based articles pulled from websites and publications from all over the world. Whether it’s a daily digest or swiping through the app, all the tech info you’ll need is at your fingertips. 

Ally Hodapp is a Senior Account Executive at Bond Moroch.