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Brands Dominating on Social Media and What we can Learn from Them

March 8, 2018

Check out how these 3 brands are raising the bar in social media marketing.

It’s quite easy to point out the many ways social media has lent its hand to cringe-worthy brand fails. Interested in easing the mounting tension between protesters and cops? Share a Pepsi. Just completed the Boston Marathon? Adidas is here to congratulate you for surviving. Oh, and covfefe, anyone?

Social media is an essential tool with both the power to build and destroy; and while, brands have provided us with plenty of blunders, it’s time we focus on what separates the slip-ups from the successes.


When it comes to content, the personality of a brand is what sets it apart from the competition. Wendy’s, for example, has a well-defined voice. Their sassy, yet hilarious responses give the brand a friendly and approachable persona. Though, their method of witty and sometimes snarky tweets may not work for everyone, consumers seem to prefer the humanized voice of the popular burger chain. The company’s marketing team clearly understands that while social media is an avenue for business, it was also designed for fun. Wendy’s serves as the perfect example of a brand finding their voice and speaking it authentically.


Across all platforms of social media, consumers and followers visit brand accounts to engage or browse for information. If a company is not active both with content and replies, current followers won’t stick around and new followers won’t come around. The effective use of video, blogging and social networking has played a key role in helping companies like JetBlue Airways strengthen its brand. Oftentimes airlines make headlines for delays and completely disregarding their consumers. JetBlue, however, switched this narrative. Not only does the company actively engage with pleased customers, but they also respond to and help frustrated customers as quickly as possible. The airline showcases how companies can successfully use social media to consistently connect with their audience.


When the power went out at the 2013 Super Bowl, Oreo made a move that will be a testament to timeliness forever. With the world watching, the company tweeted out a graphic with the words “You can still dunk in the dark.” Such timeliness is an example for brands everywhere to follow. There is great importance in staying on top of what’s going on and attempting to connect with audiences at any and every given moment. 

Tayla Young is an Intern at Bond Moroch.