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Celebrate Creatives

February 8, 2018

Creativity still matters . . . a lot.

What gets your attention? For some it might be a loud noise, for others the smell of a warm fire or a song that reminds you of that time and of that place. I am captivated by creativity. I love the creative side of business, literally the reason I got into advertising.

I read an article that positioned creativity this way: “We often think about creativity as making something, but in fact the root meaning of the word means ‘to grow’. When we are creative we feel as if the world and all that is in it is vibrantly alive. Creativity’s by-products are some of the major achievements of civilization–from the invention of the wheel to Mozart’s sonatas.”

To me, creativity is interesting and thoughtful, and it is important in everyday life. Creativity can build something from nothing. It holds originality in high regard and can make connections between seemingly disparate ideas. In the same article, it states “Creativity is about living life as a journey into seeing and communicating the extra-ordinariness of the simplest, most every day acts.” I whole-heartedly agree.

I believe that an exceptionally creative eye or an ability to translate beauty on to a page or canvas are innate. That we are more or less born creative and that our lifestyle and experiences craft and hone our creative side for the rest of our years. The most creative people are the best problem solvers in my opinion because they welcome new challenges and see them as hurdles vs walls. Creativity is never associated with the negative. How can you? There are no creative ideas that are both creative and terrible. So let’s celebrate creativity for all of the reasons we can. Media has been the darling of advertising in recent years and its proliferation of channels has been impressive. Without creative and engaging content the ability to reach the viewer with an acceptable proposition would be lost.

Most of what I have learned, I learned on the job. I think that listening and looking are two big factors that can help someone hone a creative point of view. Some things I practice on a daily basis.

1. Notice the idea and the execution of the idea of the commercials you see. Not what they are selling you, but how they are trying to sell to you.

2. Logos are more than a name. They are a brand identity. Can you tell what the brand stands for by looking at the logo?

3. Is there a single differentiating characteristic of the brand?

4. Colors and fonts play a role in how pleasing the creative is to your eye. What colors do you like?

Let’s celebrate the creativity in our agencies, brands we work on, brands we don’t, and any chance we can get to show creative work…let’s do.

Brad Hunter is a Partner at Bond Moroch.