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Client Spotlight: PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans

January 29, 2018

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Over the last six years, we’ve had the privilege of working with one of New Orleans’ most iconic brands, PJ’s Coffee. Last week, we headed back to the PJ’s roasting facility where the entire Bond crew was able to experience a behind the scenes tour with PJ’s roastmaster and rock star, Felton Jones. From coffee bean origins to packaging to categorizing flavor profiles during a cupping, the team got a Coffee 101 that was unforgettable.

Here are five fun facts about PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans to perk up your week:

1. The company was started by Phyllis Jordan; hence the “PJ” in PJ’s Coffee. The first store was founded in 1978 on Maple Street, and this year marks the 40th anniversary of the coffee company. In 2008, the company was purchased by New Orleans natives and brothers Paul, Steven and Scott Ballard.

2. PJ’s has expanded well beyond the Big Easy and is located across seven states in the US and has two international locations in Vietnam.

3. PJ’s has adopted El Terrerito Farm in Honduras and purchases all of the coffee on the farm. From higher wages to better ways of sustaining their families, the partnership directly impacts the lives of the workers there.

4. PJ’s has a partnership with Ochsner Eat Fit and their Registered Dietitian Molly Kimball and recently created the PJ’s Protein Velvet Ice. With Mardi Gras right around the corner coffee lovers can enjoy the seasonal Skinny King Cake Velvet Ice, a healthy alternative to the Mardi Gras specialty.

5. Want to enjoy PJ’s Coffee in the comfort of your own home? PJ’s offers single serve cups made for Keurig machines, and Iced Coffee Concentrate available at local PJ’s locations and grocery stores.