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Client Spotlight: St. Patrick's Day at Cavan

March 12, 2018

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Getting ready for St. Paddy’s Day? We sure are. And we’re feeling lucky to work with Cavan Restaurant & Bar as we gear up for their big St. Patrick’s Day party on Saturday, March 17th. Open to the public, the festivities will be going on before, during, and after the Irish Channel Parade from 10:30 AM to Midnight. They’ll be pouring Frozen Cavan Mules, serving Irish favorites like corned beef and cabbage, and rocking out to bagpipes. There is plenty of seating on the porch, patio, at the bar, upstairs or in Cavan’s private dining room, so deck out in green, dance your finest Irish jig, and bring your appetite, friends and family to the party.

Can’t make it to the party? Don’t worry because Cavan has a new happy hour (now offered EVERY DAY from 4-6pm) with $5 cocktails and wine! Another fun tip: Cavan also offers free parking, available across the street at WRBH 88.3 Radio Station at any time or after 6 PM at Harry’s Ace Hardware on Foucher Street.

Cavan’s Irish Namesake

Cavan proprietor Robért LeBlanc’s Great Great Grandfather immigrated to New Orleans from Cavan County, Ireland. He settled his family in this very neighborhood and placed a particular emphasis on them, along with his friends and neighbors. Frequently hosting large gatherings that were always joyous and often ran long into the night, this tradition was imparted on his entire family. Cavan is designed to host the same types of joyous gatherings of family, friends, and neighbors as those that occurred in this very neighborhood 137 years ago.

The St. Patrick’s Day Debate is over

Have you ever wondered what the right nickname for St. Patrick’s Day is? Is it’s “St. Patty’s” or “St. Paddy’s”? While many Americans refer to the Irish holiday as “St. Patty’s,” anyone in Ireland would tell you that it's actually “St. Paddy’s.” In fact, one Irishman was so passionate about this common mistake that he created a website and Twitter account called "Paddy not Patty." The website explains that in Ireland, men named Patrick or Pádraig are nicknamed Paddy, whereas the nickname Patty is given to women named Patricia. As Cavan’s St. Patrick’s Day bash approaches, feel free to take the credit and impress your family and friends with this fun fact – it might even come in handy next time you’re playing HQ!