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How Winning Awards Can Be a PR-Boost

March 16, 2017

Despite this year’s PR-cringe worthy drama at The Oscars, one fact remains true: Winning the coveted statue is a major boost to careers.

The film awards are the most prestigious honor in the business, and with it comes respect, worldwide publicity, and approval from the industry’s top leaders. But how much of a career boost can an Oscar bring? According to a MoneyNation report, Halle Berry received 50 times more in pay after winning her Oscar for Monster’s Ball. Plus, the average salary boost for actors is 60% after they win an Oscar. That’s a lot more dough because of an award.

While we can’t guarantee your sales will increase 5,000% after winning an award, we do believe in awards as a way to gain recognition in your field, establish yourself as a leader, and validate your hard work. Gaining recognition through awards is one way we at Bond Moroch help our clients maintain a steady stream of proactive, positive news. Awards, top lists, and recognitions are excellent tools for ongoing public relations: You can use the recognitions in internal and external communications often for years to come.

During our communications strategy development, our team will look for awards and recognitions specific to your business practices and industry. For example, we’ll look at your industry trade publications for business- and individual-specific opportunities; local magazines, newspapers and business publications; and trade or business organizations of which you’re a member.

Once you win an award, follow these steps to leverage your honor and garner even more recognition:

  • Send out a company email or include in the company e-newsletter to customers, employees, partners and more.
  • Post about the recognition on your personal social media channels, especially business-focused channels like LinkedIn.
  • Share the news with media outlets or columnists that frequently write about awards and recognitions in the business community. For example, in New Orleans, New Orleans CityBusiness regularly features new hires, promotions and honors.
  • Note the award on internal communications channels, such as your website; in specific employee bios; in your company boiler plate; and company timeline.

Winning awards are just one aspect of a comprehensive communications plan—and a great way to be proactive about positive PR. Awards are a method to gain recognition for your hard work, innovative employees, and business accomplishments. Give us a call if you’d like to learn more about how Bond Moroch can leverage your business and its leaders for esteemed industry awards.

Camille Breland is a Managing Supervisor at Bond Moroch.