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Local Marketing Matters

May 25, 2018

Matters as a verb . . . not a noun

I have spent most of my 20+ years out of college working for a giant global company. I started on the agency side, worked on the corporate side and now back on the agency side of the business.

My business experiences have all been meaningful in my opinion. Not always fun, but meaningful, no matter if the task or situation was on an international, national, regional, local or hyper-local scale. But it got me thinking about the importance of local marketing and what local marketing actually means.

We meet most of our new clients not through cattle call RFP requests, but at our kid’s school, or at yoga class, or even at a party. When I leave a client meeting today, I don’t usually have to hightail it to the airport to get home. I am stuck in the same traffic as the client, might be going to the same after-work function as the client, probably see the same ads, or support the same sports teams as the client. These experiences allow us to understand the needs of the client’s business just a little better. Our agency has been built on this principle. Having the right people in the right place working side by side with the client for years. And it has happened throughout the country. I mean, local presence with a national footprint.

As advertisers today we are able to reach an individual with a message that is relevant to them. And we can do it on the most intimate level with their most personal relationship…their phone. To me, reaching the customer at the right time, with the right message, on their phone is the ultimate in local marketing. It is the ultimate because it is possible to do no matter how large or small the retailer or advertiser. But I think that local marketing goes much deeper than that.

Most of what I have learned, I learned on the job. Nothing against my wonderful alma mater, The University of Oklahoma, but I have been out of college for a long time now. Three major differences in national advertising vs local advertising in my experience.

  • Local decisions are made in an hour. National decisions, a year. We can be more nimble on the local level.
  • Creative production costs are 1/10 local vs national. We are more efficient as a local agency.
  • Our clients work with us every day, not just in quarterly planning sessions. We care more about making the cash register ring…every day.

Brad Hunter is a Partner at Bond Moroch.