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New Orleans Ice Cream Roundup

June 15, 2018

Take a look at some of the city’s best ice cream shops and what makes them so special

It’s summer in New Orleans and it’s HOT! When looking for tasty ways to cool off, snoballs are great, but personally, I’ve always been more of an ice cream person. Who can resist the creamy, sugary goodness and opportunity to expand the experience with a sundae or other ice cream-based dessert? New Orleans has some yummy ice cream shops, and for those of you who are also pro-ice cream, these shops offer delicious and Instagrammable treats that are sure to satisfy your sweet craving and keep you cool this summer.

Shake Therapy

Shake Therapy is known for their build-your-own milkshakes, which are only complete with the addition of a wide array of toppings, including cereals, cookies, candies, and whatever freshly baked items are available that the day. Personally, however, I like to opt for something a bit less intense (but still exciting!) and recommend trying a scoop in a chocolate-and-sprinkle-dipped waffle cone.

Freezy Street

If you’re a fan of the rolled ice cream trend, look no further! Watch as they spread, freeze, and roll whatever flavor you choose, and be sure to take advantage of the unlimited toppings. Feeling creative? Freezy Street also sells snoballs and allows you to make any snoball flavor your ice cream flavor.

Drip Affogato Bar

Drip brings together two of the best things on Earth: ice cream and coffee. They offer a menu of affogato desserts, each perfected item consisting of two scoops, toppings, a drizzle, and a drip. You can also mix and match to design your own affogato. Or, you can purchase ice cream and coffee separately, but what’s the fun in doing that?

Piccola Gelateria

Piccola Gelateria offers a number of rotating seasonal gelato and sorbetto flavors in addition to its more traditional flavors. In addition, they have an extended menu of coffee, piadina, and crepes. Can’t decide what you’re in the mood for? You can get a scoop of any flavor on a crepe!


This New Orleans dessert chain is typically known for its macarons, chocolates, and other treats, but its gelato does not disappoint. Try out a scoop of one of their many flavors, or if you want something more elaborate, choose one of their shakes, sundaes, or other concoctions (there’s even a gelato po-boy!).

Creole Creamery

One of my favorite spots in New Orleans is Creole Creamery. True ice cream fans can partake in the Tchoupitoulas Challenge, your choice of eight scoops and eight toppings, plus whipped cream, cherries, sprinkles, and wafers. If you somehow manage to eat this all on your own, you’ll get your name on the Wall of Fame! Creole also offers a number of unusual flavors, such as lavender honey and nectar sherbert, and their menu of flavors is always changing.

Robin Boch is an Intern at Bond Moroch.