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New Orleans’ Newest Haunted House Will Test Your Fear Factor

October 5, 2018

The Thirteenth Floor Haunted House presents: New Orleans Nightmare! Can you handle it?

Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group has created a new interactive haunted house experience that will provide frights and delights for scaredy cats and thrill-seekers alike. The event features not one, but four different themes that guests can immerse themselves in.

The Museum Macabre

This first room in the haunted house does not take any time to ease you into the horror. The abandoned museum is filled with haunted figurines and deadly wax people, at least we think they’re dead? Travel through the centuries-old museum that has terrorized the town for years.

The Laughter House 3D

Fair warning: it’s not you who will be laughing by the end of this exhibit. Enter into the lair of clowns as the illusions and neon lights create a disorienting experience as you try to keep balance on the moving floor. The provided glasses will help you escape before the 3D illusions become real!

Cursed Voodoo

Get ready to experience old time New Orleans in a new light. The picturesque scenes of the French Quarter in the mid 1800’s will quickly turn dark in this voodoo inspired room. Get ready to experience the power of dark magic first hand.

Mini Escape Games

You and your group can enter this grisly 5-minute challenge and put your brains to the test! If you can escape the game room in time by following various clues and solving intricate puzzles, you’re safe. However, if you’re group doesn’t escape in time, you might have more to worry about than the resident ghouls…