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Our Favorite Logo Projects

June 14, 2018

Looking back on some of our past logo designs

Designing a new logo is one of the branding and marketing exercises I enjoy the most. There’s something so exciting about creating a new look and feel for a brand—whether it’s for the first time when establishing a company or refreshing a logo that has become outdated. In my time with Bond, I’ve worked on several logo projects and have seen our creative team come up with artwork options that truly hit the mark.

Below you’ll find a few of my favorite logo designs we’ve worked on, and why I picked each one.

PJ’s Coffee

PJ’s Coffee turns 40 years old this year. The coffee shop and local roaster was founded in New Orleans in 1978 and has grown to 80+ locations across six states, Vietnam and Kuwait. In 2017, the brand turned to Bond to help refresh its logo and create a more modern, warm and inviting look and feel. The logo design features a deep purple tone and celebrates both craftsmanship and hospitality through the letter “J” in PJ’s, which is tightly hugging a coffee mug. The rich purple color embodies the soul of Louisiana. The new logo embodies the true essence of the company: Always creating a quality cup of coffee, showing hospitality towards each guest and staying true to the company’s roots with each PJ’s location, from New Orleans to Vietnam and around the world.


EliteStor is a new high-end RV and boat storage facility currently being built in St. Rose, Louisiana. While the logo may look simple, a lot of thought and research went into the design. Our team compiled an in-depth research document on EliteStor’s target audience, delving into the lifestyle and preferences for their market. These insights directly informed our design—a patriotic and nautical theme that conveys the utilitarian purpose of the storage facility. We also wanted the design to feel professional and depict the high level of service customers will receive while at EliteStor. I’m excited for the facility to open later this year!

Gotham Lofts

Gotham Lofts is a high-end boutique apartment complex in New Orleans’ Warehouse District. Gotham turned to Bond to create a logo for its new brand. The target audience was affluent Millennials and Gen-Xers. Our team created a logo with an architectural feel that felt modern and luxurious while still approachable. I personally love the dark grey coloring and the block style layout.

These are just a few samples of logos the Bond Moroch team has designed. A good logo conveys your company’s offerings while eliciting a deeper feeling about your vision and mission. You want your logo to leave the viewer feeling something about your company—refreshed, excited, tempted. Contact us to learn more about how we can refresh your brand’s logo or create a new one using research and insights.

Camille Rome is a Managing Supervisor.