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Personal Branding Still Matters

March 15, 2018

Let your brand tell your story

It’s no secret the power of branding has on companies in today's day and age. A successful branding story creates emotion, reputation, vision and tone for a product or company. What is to be said at a business-level is the same for personal brands. How one portrays themselves online can be a strong asset or weakening liability. Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to benefit from a positive ROI, making branding a successful sales technique ( now have the power to market themselves to employers and networks around the world. From food bloggers, online personalities, influencer marketing and more--now is the time to choose your direction and commit to your brand.

Here are three hard-hitting reasons why personal branding matters:

Industry Recognition

Every industry is saturated with competition. To become an authority figure, entrepreneurs must be passionate about their industry and themselves. Engaging within the community and producing articles are some beginning steps of establishing oneself within an industry field. A strong personal brand can expedite the startup process and secure industry recognition. Take Luvvie Ajayi success story for example. She single-handedly became a thought leader of the financial industry through her online platforms and self promotion practices. As an early adopter of social media, Luvvie created a voice, personality and story on the foundation of trust in the professional services industry. Her consistency across all platforms sustained readership to further grow her brand. Recently, Luvvies career skyrocketed with a book deal. Today’s hyper-aware consumer supports brands they can trust and follow along their own journey. Most importantly, maintaining a pulse on your industry keeps your brand relevant.

Value Proposition

Giving branding the backseat is a major disservice within any industry today. Define your purpose and image and use it to parlay success. What intent do you have for your message? What platform will you focus the most time on? What is your core competency? Whatever story you are telling, make sure it’s one you want the world to know. These attributes not only make you unique, but also create a roadmap for goals, content and social media posts. Additionally, make an effort to separate self-promotion from a sales pitch. Instead of consistent self-promotion, become a curator for resources in your industry. Relaying valuable articles, videos or tips from other industry leaders speaks volumes to a brands identity.

Invest in Yourself

With the recent influx of social media influencers, lifestyle brands and promotional opportunities, now is the time to capitalize on yourself. Let’s take a look at Lifestyle and Travel blogger, HeleneInBetween. Pursuing a corporate job, Helene was not fulfilled with her future direction. Foreign to influencer marketing and blogging, Helene taught herself the skills necessary to thrive and sustain herself in the competitive online world. By captivating an audience and forecasting profitable success, Helene made her brand her job. Not only are her readers loyal and engaged, but her clients now trust her services to expand their brand and portfolios. This success story isn’t far-fetched, either. Many professionals are expanding their competencies, investing in their potential and igniting a side hustle.

If you’re not pleased with your online presence, there is still plenty you can do about it. As of 2017, 50% of US adults who Google themselves aren’t pleased with the results (Denver Post). Start building your personal brand to showcase your potential for clients, employers, networks or whatever your intentions may be.

Grace Clemons is an Intern at Bond Moroch.