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Summer’s Blockbuster Movie Marketing Strategies

May 24, 2018

What we can learn from marketing initiatives used to sell this summer’s biggest films

Summer is upon us and what better way to escape the heat than head to the movies, snuggle up with a bag of popcorn, and enter an alternate reality. From action flicks to Marvel madness to sweet romantic comedies, I’m excited to take some time off and watch one of the many new movies hitting the theaters. Here are my top picks and insight into the marketing strategies used to entice movie-goers to choose their particular film.

Avengers: Infinity War (April 27)

This Marvel movie was highly anticipated, and people love it because of the intense action and drama. Marvel took advantage of this and made high-energy superhero action and heroism a main focus of their marketing of the film. For example, in a partnership with Quicken Loans, a commercial for Rocket Mortgage depicts objects being shot with lasers and blown up by various members of the Avengers. These characters are also shown as more heroic rather than just destructive through a campaign with American Airlines for Stand Up to Cancer.

TIP: Capitalize on what your product is known for, but also stay true to the company’s values.

Incredibles 2 (June 15)

I can’t wait to see what Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and the kids have up their masks in this second installment of the animated hit. Pixar partnered with a number of brands in order to remind kids and parents alike that this movie is being released. Select boxes of Kleenex will include a mask in the packaging, allowing customers to transform into their favorite member of The Incredibles. Pixar lets parents in on the fun as well with its Zillow partnership. The real estate site will allow the public to view the Parr family home on its website like it allows you to explore any real home.

TIP: Don’t just slap images on other products’ packaging, but be creative and think about all members of your audience when partnering with other brands.

Mama Mia: Here We Go Again (July 20)

The second Mama Mia movie trailer evoked shock and confusion among the public, and the only way to have their questions answered is to watch the movie. What happened to Meryl Streep? What is Cher doing here? This trailer kept things vague but told us just enough information for us to feel like we need to know what happens next.

TIP: Keep the audience guessing and don’t give away everything from the beginning. Your audience should want to keep coming back for more.

Robin Boch is an intern at Bond Moroch