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The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Kicks off Today!

April 27, 2018

The Bond team details what we're most excited about at this year's 49th annual Jazz & Heritage Festival

Each year thousands of people, from near and far, gather at the New Orleans Fair Grounds Race Course to hear pitch perfect sounds from the who’s who of local and International music legends. The 49th annual Jazz & Heritage Festival kicks off today running through the weekend and wrapping up May 3-6. With arts and crafts, tons of food and music, second line parades and more, this festival will be sure to hit a high note with all who attend. Our very own, Skipper Bond is on the board of directors of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation so he’s definitely in the Jazz Fest spirit. And no year is complete without our annual Bond day at Jazz Fest on the second Friday. Here’s what the Bond Team looks forward to at this year’s celebration:

Skipper: Aerosmith!!!

Kelsey: I’m most excited to sip Strawberry Lemonade, burn my mouth on Crawfish Bread (it’s a tradition!), and see the Revivalists and Aerosmith.

Grace: This year, I’m excited to wrap up my last four years in New Orleans with Aerosmith, local friends, out of town guests and my family who are visiting. We make a big effort to sample all the foods and drinks, while also giving the new vendors a chance.

Tayla: I would love to see Anita Baker, Smokey Robinson and Common. Crawfish Monica is also one of my favorite fest foods so I can’t wait to grab some at this year’s fest.

Sammy: This is only my second year in New Orleans but I’m a foodie so I’m looking forward to trying new foods and listening to awesome music!

Camille: I look forward to seeing Sturgill Simpson and trying new food vendors!

Allison: If I were to go this year, I’d be most excited to see David Byrne.

Jen: Food: Cochon de Lait Po Boy and the Trout Baquet; Music: Lionel Ritchie; Around the Fest: The Tricentennial Celebration at The Cultural Exchange Pavilion.

Ryan: Music: Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit - Friday, May 4 on the Acura State; Food: Prejean’s crawfish enchilada – Highly underrated.

Brad: My wife is so excited about Sting on Friday night that she can’t see straight. I am looking forward to crawfish bread, meat pies and Crawfish Monica. And the music too…

Ally: I am most looking forward to the Cochon de Lait poboy as I only have it at Jazz Fest!! It’s my favorite.

John: For me, it comes down to the Weekend One, Sunday headliners. Jazz Fest will presumably be as crowded as Grand Central Station at 5:07pm on a Thursday. David Byrne and George Benson play simultaneously – on opposite ends of the festival grounds – meaning I’ll presumably have a decision to make. I grew up on the Talking Heads and also enjoy Byrne’s solo stuff (thanks for showing me good tunes, mom), yet Benson’s Breezin’ on vinyl is one of the best dollars I’ve ever spent. Thankfully, Irma Thomas plays before both!

Happy Festing!