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Weekend Roundup [February 6th, 2017]

February 6, 2017

We've got all the news you missed this weekend in one convenient place. #BondRoundup

1.95 of America’s biggest tech firms joined together in a legal fight against President Trump’s travel ban [CNN]

2.A federal judge in Washington temporarily halted President Trump’s travel ban [VICE News]

3.A royal commission found that 7% of Australian Catholic priests abused children [BuzzFeed News]

4.President Trump and his staff have begun rethinking their tactics after some early stumbles [The New York Times]

5.The New England Patriots won the 51st Super Bowl in overtime [ESPN]

6.Russia demanded an apology from Fox News after Bill O’Reilly called Vladimir Putin a killer [USA Today]

7.Opposition efforts continued to mount against Trump’s nominee for secretary of education Betsy DeVos [The Wall Street Journal]

8.The Super Bowl drew the lowest ratings in two years [Fortune]

9.Russian hackers engineered a slot machine cheat that casinos are unable to fix [WIRED]

10. M. Night Shyamalan’s Split became the highest-grossing horror movie since 2013 [Vulture]

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