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Weekend Roundup [June 12th, 2017]

June 12, 2017

We've got all the news you missed this weekend in one convenient place. #BondRoundup

1. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that he would testify before Senate Russia investigators [CNN]

2. Former US Attorney Preet Bhara stated that President Trump attempted to build a relationship with him before he was fired [The New York Times]

3. Uber’s board voted to implement all of Eric Holder’s recommended changes to its company culture [BuzzFeed News]

4. President Trump announced plans to reverse former President Obama’s policies on Cuba [VICE News]

5. Attorney Generals for the District of Columbia and the state of Maryland announced plans to sue President Trump over alleged breaches of constitutional oath [The Washington Post]

6. French president Emmanuel Macron’s party swept parliamentary elections following the first round of legislative voting [NPR]

7. Puerto Ricans voted in favor of being the 51st state in a non-bonding referendum [The Guardian]

8. Kellyanne Conway was accused of leaking insider White House information [The Daily Dot]

9. ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise has allegedly been canceled following allegations of misconduct on set [Variety]

10. The winners of the 2017 Tony Awards were announced [Vulture]

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